Datum Orthopedics
Datum Orthobiologics

Datum Orthopedics was founded to provide innovative orthobiologic and orthopedic bone formation, ossification, and tissue regeneration solutions.
We develop advanced biomaterials designed to improve long term healing and regeneration of musculoskeletal components.

The unique ossification properties of Datum’s GLYMATRIX® based products make them ideal new entrants for spine fusion and fracture grafts in trauma. Datum Orthopedics will concentrate its initial efforts on bone graft products.

Products featuring Datum Biotech’s patented GLYMATRIX® technology have been used safely and effectively in over half a million dental and aesthetic procedures, with over 110 scientific publications and numerous case studies.

Datum Orthopedics is currently in a round of fund-raising.
Please contact us regarding current investment opportunities or for company information.

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